Billing - Scale Up and Scale Down in Managed-WP.™ PRO

Billing - Scale Up and Scale Down in Managed-WP.™ PRO

Written by James Chan
Last update: Friday, May 20, 2022


What if you scale up and down within 30days

e.g. a user subscribe on 1st Apr  , he scale up from 1 resources block to 2blocks on 7th Apr

then roll back to 1block on 28th Apr

whats the charge in the billing from your side?


The charges are managed by Stripe. But we use quantity focused structure - so, the charges are calculated hourly by Stripe. So, if a user upgrade on 7th of the month - he/she will be charged amount difference of new & old plan from 7th to 30th.

And from 1st, the charges will be with new price.

And same way, if the customer downgrade, in next renewal he/she will be charged less - to maintain the charges.

It's a bit complicated mathematics to be honest - but that's all managed by Stripe. We're always working on ways to make the charges easily visible in dashboard for easier customer understanding.

Billing - Managed-WP.™ PRO

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